We have resources available to help you learn to do many creative things. Our 'do-it-yourself' creativity/learning center allows you to do as much or as little as you want. There is always someone on hand to assist you. Or bring in your project and we can do it for you.

We call it 'Technology Toys'. There are so many things which can be done with today's technology. We show you how it works and you do the work. Once you learn, you may wish to purchase the equipment for your home. We can advise you on that as well.

Here are some of the things that can be done in our resource centers:

  • Scanning & Digitizing Artwork, Photos, & Documents
  • Converting VHS home movies to digital movies & still photos
  • Convert Slides to Digital Photos
  • Edit Photos
  • Convert vinyl records to digital.
  • Developing retail products from your Artwork or Photograhy
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Family Calendars, Greeting Cards, Newsletters, and more!

    Work stations will be used by the hour with discounts available for multi-hour packages. Appointments outside our normal business hours will be available. Stations are by the hour, not the person, so if two or more of you want to work on a project together, the hourly rate covers both of you.

More details coming soon!


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